The best false lashes for your eye shape

With so many lash styles out there it can be a little daunting choosing the right style for you. But don’t worry girl we got you! We will help you determine your eye shape and the best styles that will compliment and enhance your pretty peepers. Featuring lashes from our new Luxury Faux Mink collection, which are made from premium synthetic fibers and are super soft, fluffy and lightweight. There's a style for every eye shape and occasion. Remember there are no rules to makeup, preference plays a huge part, but this will definitely point you in the right direction!


False lashes for your eye shape 


Almond Eyes

Almond eyes have a slight point on the ends and are wide in the centre of the eyes, with no whites of your eyes showing above or below your irises while looking straight ahead. Almond eyes are the most universal shape, with most lash styles working well for you. There are no restrictions with the type of lash your little heart desires, but we love a wispy flared lash to elongate the shape even more for that sexy cat eye effect, like "Pretty & Paid" faux mink lash.

Lash style for almond eyes

Round Eyes

Round eyes are round in shape and you can see the whites of your eyes above or below your irises. Opt for long, curly and flared lashes which will enhance and elongate your bright eye shape. Voluminous lashes with added length at the corners like “Obsessed” faux mink lash is the perfect choice.

Lash style for round eyes

Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes refers to when the outer corners point higher than the inner corners. This is another versatile eye shape with most lash styles that work great, but is especially the perfect candidate for the cat-eye lash. Choose lashes that flare out toward the outer corners to really accentuate your eye shape like "Jet Setter" faux mink lash.

Lash style for upturned eyes

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes are sloped downward at the outer corners. Choose wispy and natural-looking lashes to best enhance and lift your eyes, like "Soft Glam" faux mink lash. Lashes that are too dense and heavy will only highlight the downturn, also be careful not to choose lashes that are too heavily flared at the ends which can also work against your eye shape add a droopy effect instead of lifting. Lash style for downturned eyes

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes refers to when the fold of your eyelid hides some of the lid space when your eyes are open. Choose lashes that are slightly longer in the centre to help create an illusion of depth and open up the eye at the centre. Be careful not to choose lashes that are too long and thick, which can look too heavy and can make your eyes appear smaller. We love "Dream Chaser" faux mink lash for hooded eyes.

Lash style for hooded eyes

Monolid Eyes

Monolid refers to the skin covering the upper eyelid and no crease is visible. With this eye shape you can get away with wearing heavy styles and especially wispy multi-layered lashes to open the eyes. "Millonairess" faux mink lash is the perfect voluminous lash for monolid eyes.

Lash style for moonlit eye shape

Close-set Eyes

Close-set eyes refers to when your eyes are closer together and the distance between your eyes is shorter than the width of one eye. Choose flared lashes that are shorter at the inner corner and longer towards the outer corner, like "Lavish" faux mink lash, this will lengthen and lift your eyes outwards.

Lash style for close-set eye shape