Below is a list of questions we are frequently asked regarding our lashes, application, shipping, and much more. If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us at info@pinkminklashes.com or through our contact form. We will respond within 48 hours.
What are 3D FAUX MINK Lashes?
Pink Mink® 3D FAUX MINK lashes are hand crafted of only the finest quality SILK. Each strand is hand made using only synthetic fibers, and made to mimic a MINK hair flawlessly. The eyelash bands are made of cotton thread insuring flexibility, comfort, and durability. It is important to properly care for your 3D FAUX MINK lashes to keep them looking as good as the first wear, up to the the 25th wear.


What are Soft Synthetic Lashes?
Pink Mink® soft synthetic lashes are beautifully constructed of only the softest synthetic fibers. Each and every strand is tapered at each end, unlike most synthetic styles that are cut at the ends giving the lashes a very "boxy" and unnatural look. The band is made of cotton thread insuring it is flexible, comfortable, and easy to apply. This cotton band is precisely why our soft synthetic lashes last longer than typical synthetic styles. Your soft synthetic lashes can last up to 15 wears with proper care and storage.


Why Pink Mink®? 
Pink Mink® offers you the most extensive line of hand crafted luxurious lashes at a very competitive price. Once you feel the Pink Mink® difference, you will never go back. With 34 different 3D FAUX MINK styles, and 32 Soft synthetic styles there is no reason to look elsewhere!


How many times can Pink Mink® lashes be worn? 
Pink Mink® Soft Synthetic lashes can be worn up to 15 times and the 3D FAUX MINK Lashes can be worn up to 25 times, with proper care and storage.

How do I apply Pink Mink® Lashes? 
Please see Application Instructions for a full description of how to apply our beautiful lashes.


How do I clean my Pink Mink® Lashes?
Once you have peeled and removed the false lashes from your eyes it is necessary that any excess glue be picked off the eyelash band gently using your fingers. Be careful not to pull too hard! If there are stubborn pieces of glue that do not want to come off, a Q-tip and a small amount of oil-free make-up remover should do the trick. Be careful to just apply the remover to the problem area, and that the eyelash hairs stay free of remover, and that they stay dry.
Can I wet my Pink Mink® Lashes? 
No, getting the lashes wet will ruin the curl and shape of your Pink Mink® Lashes.


What colors do the lashes come in?
Soft Synthetic and 3D FAUX MINK lashes are available in Black only. 
I am not sure which pair of lashes would look best on me, how do I choose? 
Here at Pink Mink® we realize it can be difficult to choose which lash style is best for you, so if you need some advice contact us at hello@pinkminklashes.com and we would be happy to help!
Can I apply mascara or cosmetics to my Pink Mink® Lashes? 
It is important that you DO NOT apply any mascara or cosmetic product to your new Pink Mink® Lashes. Doing so will ruin the quality of the lashes, and limit the uses. It is recommended that mascara is applied to your natural lashes before your Pink Mink® Lashes are added to complete your look.

What is your return/exchange policy? 

Due to hygienic reasons all sales are final. If product arrives damaged or defective, please contact us within 72 hours at hello@pinkminklashes.com.
What is your shipping policy? 
Please see our shipping details.
How long until my order arrives?
Please see our shipping details.


Do you ship Internationally?
Please see our shipping details.
What forms of payment do you accept? 
We accept payments through Visa, Mastercard, and American Express through our secure server hosted by Shopify.